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NO-Contact Model QY-EWQ-01 Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Model: QY-EWQ-01
Measured temperature range: 33.0℃~43.0℃(91.4~109.4℉)
Proper measuring distance range: 3 to 5cm (1.18 to 1.97 inches)
The best measurement is 3 cm
Automatic shut-down: 13s
Accuracy: 33~43℃(91.4~109.4℉):±0.2℃(32.36℉)
>43℃ ±2.0℃(109.4℉±35.6℉)
Display resolution: 0.1℃ (32.18℉)
Power supply DC3V (2 AAA batteries)
Operating mode: Non-stop with awaken button


The advantages :Fast reading Measure Instantly in 1 second

Precious Error within 0.2℃~0.3℃(32.36~32.54°F);

High Fever Alarm 5 beeps in case of the temperature is higher 38℃;

HEIMANN Sensor original from Germany

20 Group Memory Automatically saving



Short Description:
Due to the COVID-19, we are appointed to produce the infrared Thermometer, because we have strong R&D technology to support , the current advanced equipment and production lines can be well used for producing thermometer. Thus, we are starting doing these thing since Feb,2020 year promptly. Now we already approved by CE and FCC on behalf our new registration company.
Measured temperature range:33~43.0℃(91.4~109.4℉)
Working environment: Ambient temperature:16~35℃(60.8 ℉~95.0 ℉)The best temperature is 25 ℃ Relative humidity:≤85% RH; Atmospheric pressure:70Kpa~106Kpa
Storage and transportation environment:Ambient temperature:-20~55℃(-4 ° F ~ 131 ° F); Relative humidity:<85% RH; Atmospheric pressure:70Kpa~106Kpa
Power supply: DC 3V(2 AAA batteries)
Proper measuring distance range:3~5cm /li>
Response time:1S
Low battery alarm: Please replace the battery while alarm (batt volts < 2.5V±0.2)
Memory data: 20 records
High fever warning: 5 beeps
Net weight:105g(excluding the batteries)
Registrant/Manufacturer / After-sales service company: Hangzhou Qingyuan Medical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.
Address: No.688 Dong'an 1st Road, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, China
Registration certificate No.:浙械注准20202071070
Production license No.:浙食药监械生产许20201106号
Production lot No.XXXX
Manufacturing date:DD/MM/YY

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